At Islamic Relief, we support children in a variety of ways:

  • Education: We provide inclusive educational opportunities for children of primary and secondary level through the provision of mobile schools, teacher and curriculum development, vocational training, school rebuilding.

We also eliminate barriers to education by providing WASH facilities, battling harmful cultural norms and increasing household income. Through our work we crucially support street children and help combat the risks of child labour and trafficking.

  • Food: Emergency and sustainable programmes work to ensure families are hunger-free in both the short and long-term, helping to eliminate child malnutrition.
  • Health: Child malnutrition, children and maternal services ensure that mothers and children are as healthy as possible, providing essential nutritional support, alongside lifesaving vaccinations and medications to fight disease. Additional support also serves children with complex physical and emotional needs. For children affected by conflict, we offer crucial recreational opportunities and psychosocial care to reduce stress and trauma.
  • Shelter: Through livelihood support, orphan sponsorship and emergency relief we provide safe homes for children in need.
  • Gender justice: Our programmes are tackling harmful cultural practices affecting girls such as early and forced marriage (EFM) and female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) to ensure that girls are able to go to school and make their own paths in life.

We believe that by empowering children, we can protect generations to come. Through our range of varied sustainable programmes, we’re working to give each child a brighter, happier future. Will you join us?

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