At least 58 people have been killed and 2,700 wounded due to a sharp escalation in violence in Gaza.

The intensifying conflict and resultant casualties, which are expected to rise further over the coming days, have had a severe impact on medical facilities within Gaza. Hospitals are overwhelmed, stretched to the limit and running out of medical supplies. There are reports of patients having to be discharged due to insufficient capacity, and of private cars, animals and tuk-tuks being used as emergency transportation due to the lack of ambulances.

Gaza’s health system was already under severe pressure due to ongoing staff shortages and lack of medical supplies. Public hospitals in Gaza have less than a week of fuel reserves left to continue their operations.

Crisis response

During the 2014 conflict, over 20,000 homes, community health centres, hospitals and schools were destroyed. Islamic Relief responded immediately to the crisis by delivering life-saving medical supplies to 12 hospitals and distributing food, clean water and other essential aid to over 15,000 displaced people.

Islamic Relief is on the ground focusing on priority health needs, namely the provision of medical supplies and equipment. Please donate now and help support our crucial life-saving work.

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