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Pakistan Emergency causes devastation

Crisis has hit Pakistan. Heavy snowfall, torrential rain, avalanches and landslides have swept across the country, with the regions of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Balochistan remaining the worst affected.

AJK and Balochistan: Weather-related crisis

In Azad Jammu and Kashmir, heavy snowfall and torrential rain caused multiple avalanches and landslides, isolating locals in the northern part of the Neelum Valley. Cars are no longer able to reach the area as the roads have been blocked off. At present, aid can only reach the area by helicopter. To-date, 43 people have died, and a further 42 have been left injured.

In the region of Balochistan, unprecedented levels of extreme weather have also affected 11 districts in the north/north-west, pushing communities into crisis. With the worst snowfall for over 20 years, over the last two days the minimum temperature in Quetta has dropped to -11◦C. The nearby districts of Kalat and Ziarat have also recorded -10◦C and -13◦C as temperatures remain drastically low. Families are in dire need of help.

Islamic Relief is coordinating with government services and our local teams to gain access to these isolated areas in Neelum valley and across Baluchistan. In the coming days, we’ll be assessing the damage and providing critical care.

This will include immediate life-saving relief and wider long-term rehabilitation. We are prioritising women, children, disabled citizens and other highly vulnerable individuals.

Please help us support these communities in desperate need of aid. Your donation today can help provide emergency lifesaving humanitarian relief.

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