During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset as an act of devotion to Allah Almighty and self-constraint. Many of us know that we will have a plentiful supply of food and water to break our fast. However, across the world, many families struggle to put food on the table at iftar time. With rising food prices, household poverty and long working hours whilst fasting, many families instead have little food and worry about how they will feed their families.

We work with people and communities to ensure that families have enough food for the month of Ramadan. Across the globe, we distribute family food packs with essentials such as flour, rice, and lentils to last the whole month, meaning families can instead focussing on the spiritual duties of the month.

For children in conflict zones such as Gaza, we provide iftars for local orphans to offer a vital safe place to play and enjoy the holy month.

By supporting our work, you’ll be helping families and entire communities to have a worry-free, happy Ramadan.

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